Netherlands Meeting – April 2023

We started the Netherlands/Asten Meeting of our project at Varendonck College. We started the program with the opening ceremony and then we had a school tour with our teachers from the Turkey. Student’s all carried out a Research and Development Presentation and we ended the day with a project planning meeting.

In this part of our trip, we visited nearby areas in our school district. We first visited the historic Den Evert mill (16th century) and the mill museum. Then we visited the tomato, cucumber and pepper plants and got information from their managers. At the end of the day, we prepared our own meals with the vegetables taken from the facilities.
In this part of our trip, we first held a meeting about the digital work of our project. Afterwards, we organized various studies in the Drama workshop. Finally, we held the closing ceremony of our trip to the Netherlands and the project members were handed their certificates.